Create S3 Bucket

For data and post-install scripts we create a bucket for our AWS ParallelCluster setup.

export BUCKET_NAME=pcluster-$(date +%F)-$(uuidgen --random | cut -d'-' -f1)
echo "export BUCKET_NAME=${BUCKET_NAME}" |tee -a ~/.bashrc
aws s3 mb s3://${BUCKET_NAME}

We will use a post-install scripts that allows us to just push scripts up to the bucket and have them executed automatically. Find more about the script here: aws-samples/aws-pcluster-post-samples.

aws s3 cp s3://ee-assets-prod-us-east-1/modules/7c229a389fc349d8b709b65e26ce0e1b/v1/scripts/setup/pcluster/cloudshell/post-install/prepare/ .
chmod +x
aws s3 cp s3://${BUCKET_NAME}/

It will download all scripts in the bucket and execute them in order.
|  |       |     |      |     
|  |       name  |      file extension
|  purpose       |
|                to be run on `master`, `compute`, or `all` nodes
execution order